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 The History Of Community State Bank of Southwestern Indiana State Bank

The Town of Cynthiana, Kentucky, was founded around the year 1793.  The name originated from a Kentucky blacksmith's two daughters who were named Cynthia and Anna.  Sometime later the Kentucky residents migrated toward the Indiana Territory where they brought the name along with them.  The town of Cynthiana, Indiana was officially declared around the year 1896.

Cynthiana offered much excitement for the townspeople - horse races in particular were a big event.  The first businesses that were started included a general store owned by Andrew Moffat and John Shanklin, a local tavern and mill both owned by Clement Whiting and Robert Long. The first newspaper was called the Cynthiana Post.  Floyd Oursler opened The Cynthiana Argus newspaper on August 1st, 1914.  By that year the town offered a restaurant called Kenny's Coffee Cup that was owned by James Crowder, three Barber Shops where you could receive a hair cut for 35 cents, a gas station owned by Clarence Hopf and a Cynthiana school had been built.

The Cynthiana Banking Company was founded in 1905, and Frank Emerson was its first President.  Other officers were Z.T. Emerson, Vice-President, and WM. O. Boren, Cashier.  Actually, prior to 1905, an unchartered bank was owned and operated by Frank and Z.T. Emerson as a private company dating back to 1899.  Later the bank was renamed the Cynthiana State Bank.  The First Board of Directors included Frank Emerson, Z.T. Emerson, James Wade, John S. McReynolds, L.E. Pruitt, George Wade, J.E. Gudgel, and H.T. Calvert.

Today the Community State Bank of Southwestern Indiana's main office is located at  220 S Lockwood St, Poseyville IN 47633. 

The first Branch that Community State Bank ofSouthwestern Indiana opened was in St Wendel, Indiana, also in Posey County, in 1968.  In 1985, the branch was remodeled and expanded because of the growth that was occurring.  The Bank's President at that time was Leo Fleener. The St Wendel Branch was well-managed for many years by Ruby Fleener. 

The year 2007 marked the twenty year anniversary for the opening of Community State Bank of Southwestern Indiana's branch in Poseyville, Indiana, also in Posey County. 

The St Philip branch opened in May 2008 and is our fourth Posey County branch. The St. Philip branch was built by the Farmers Bank & Trust Co of Wadesville in May of 1979 and was acquired by Citizens Bank of Evansville then ultimately became Fifth Third Bank. Fifth Third later closed the branch and it was purchased by CSB. 

Currently the Board of Directors of Community State Bank of Southwestern Indiana consists of William H. Bender, Chairman, James Keith Lockwood Secretary, Robert A. Calvert, Michael Oursler, and Steve Bennett, President and CEO.  Steve Bennett was appointed President in 2007.  As President, Mr. Bennett's first actions included approval of the installation of new ATMs, as well as starting an on-line banking system.  Both projects were approved and were implemented in August of 2007.

During the summer of 2012 CSB State Bank changed the name of the bank to Community State Bank of Southwestern Indiana to further reflect our commitment to the communities we serve.  The fifth office is to be opened in the Fall of 2012.

We hope you enjoyed hearing about the past and present of both the Town of Cynthiana and Community State Bank of Southwestern Indiana, whose friendly and helpful staff would love to serve and help you in any way possible at any of our locations.  Hope to see you soon!


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